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Apr 19, 2002
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Worthless RP

...on the Road to Defeat

"Engrossed as I am with the completion of a sword for one of the lords of Hithlum, and as immersed as I am in learning this new method of Celebrimbor's for the making of steel, I will leave my work and my son and find your brother, for it is the least I can do in recompense of your sacrifice and aid in avenging the death of my daughter." Culfaron glanced down at the maimed arm of the tall elf, recalling with horrible vividness the battle in which these two fought through the host of enemies in the north, taking as many lives between them as were taken by the enemy from the host of Feanor. With great force he brought the hammer down onto the empty anvil. The tall elf's heart jumped as if shot with lightening. Victory under the stars was defeat for some, whether or not the songs remembered it.

"Go now and prepare to depart! The lords Curufin and Celegorm will not be welcome long in the kingdom of the children of Finarfin. They and their folk will be driven from here by the scorn and shame of Orodreth and his people. Moreover King Finrod was sent to his death, and so your brother goes to his. Make haste!"

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