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Under Ered Mithrin


Well, I'm Back
Jul 9, 2005
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Here and There and Everywhere
Zhak sat qietly under an oak tree, it had been six fortnights since he had seen anyone along the abandoned road, he hadn't eaten for two days. As a bounty Hunter it was his job to keep traveling, his latest project was Defet the Deadly, a ruthless killer from Umbar. He had traveled with corsairs till they had stopped at the bay of Belfalas. He had slain a the King of Gondor's firstborn. His trusty bow sat on his lap with his quiver of arrows with pure silver tips. A pile of dust then arose from a hill to the east. He whistled for Tutefa his stallion, and waited.

Zhak drew his bow and had an ebony shafted arrow and hid it under his cloak. He scratched his head andstood silently while the dust came closer. His anticipation was killing him as the dust slowed and he gulped.

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