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"What if?" - work-book-Archive


Aug 19, 2002
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You mean, right now?

In that case I will have to go away from the computer immediately and be writing for the rest of the evening.

I will have something ready by this time tomorrow, I think. At least a couple of lines, and then the rest of you can finish it off over the next couple of pages.:D


Jul 26, 2002
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Hey!!! What is all this disorder here?!!???

Ah! Men!!!! :p

Listen to me now ..... if you please....

First, as Eledwhen has continued the Numenor story (wonderfully done, El!!!), let give it a go and whoever wishes, please post on the Numenor story until it expires.(when?... when its time comes... it depends on how we lead the story...)

Second, AFTER the Numenor story is finished, King Arvedui, please, you're most welcome to start your story! Thus you have plenty of time to prepare . (Am I not merciful !!! :p)

Third, AFTER Arvedui's story is finished, we may do my Aldarion-Erendis story.

But while I was writing the last line a thought came: .... the Aldarion - Erendis story in the time of atalante of Numenor (as is the presently going story) can be placed within the present story....

What do you think? Would you like it this way?


Now ... just some brief explanations for the "newbies" here in the Halls of tale-telling :
The present thread is the place to put forward and discuss "What if" - games topics and for any other related matters. So, any questions, suggestions etc. - please post HERE!

The "What if?" - game - thread is for the stories themselves and ONLY for the stories! When a new story starts, the starter is supposed to put the name of the story at the very beginning of the first post as a title. Thus we'll know that a new topic is on the way.


The Grinding Ice
May 20, 2003
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North of the Sundering Seas
GG, is it OK if I talk about a very early topic in the What if game thread as long as I discuss it in the workbook and not thread itself? If not, I'll delete this...

Nom said:
If one argues that good and evil are not relative I'd like to hear their reasoning.
I believe good and evil are not relative. First, we must define "evil." I think it can only be defined pragmatically, in terms of its effects. Any action, when considered is meaningless if you don't look at its effects. What are the effects of evil? Harm, discord, chaos. Thus we can define evil as the cause of these things, the cause of harm, discord, and chaos. If we don't see evil pragmatically, and distinction between good and evil becomes enitrely arbitrary, and has no basis at all in any observable characteristic. So Melkor is "evil"; he is the causer of discord. Melkor's discord would still be present if he won over. Hence, he would still be considered by some to be "evil." So I think it would be as Lhun described, with chaos and darkness reigning over order and light.

Second: [people were discussing whether Melkor could supplant Eru..] Ontologically, there is no way that Melkor could win over the will of Eru. The only way this could happen is if He allowed it to. Melkor could never become the one, could never displace Eru. The Flame Imperishable is Eru's and Eru's alone to give. It is far, far beyond the power of anything created by Eru to defeat his will.



Dec 13, 2002
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Is anyone going to start their What If...? question, whoever was chosen to do so, or is the current topic not finished, Lhun? I do have a question of my own, but it isnt very good, and I would very much like to participate in one of fantastic topics that have been suggested?

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