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What is your fave J.R.R. Tolkien book?


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Mar 9, 2005
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Consigned to the salt mines of Núrnen…
Well, at least I didn't use Sowron, Brandyswine River, or Boared of the Rings.
The four entered the dining room and sat at a booth near the roaring propane fireplace that eternally roasted a large cement boar on a motorized spit. The soft notes of a badly played Muzak eddied through the crowded rooms as the ravenous boggies studied the menu, which was ingeniously shaped like a sow giving birth. As Frito considered an “Uncle Piggy’s OinkOink Burger-on-a-Bun” flambéed in purest linseed oil, Spam hungrily ogled the scantily clad “piglets” who served as waitresses, each buxom wench also outfitted in fake tail, ears, and snout.

One of the piglets sidled up to the table for their order as Spam greedily took stock of her big red eyes, crooked blond wig, and hairy legs.

“Youse slobs wanna order yet?” asked the piglet as she teetered uncomfortably on her spiked heels.

“Two Oink-Oink Burgers and two Bow-Wow Specials, please,” answered Frito respectfully.

“Somethun’ t’ ring, uh, I mean, drink, sir?”

“Just four Orca-Colas, thank you.”


As the waitress lurched off, wobbling on her heels and tripping over her long, black scabbard, Frito surveyed the crowd for anyone suspicious. A few boggies, some swarthy-looking men, a drunken troll passed out at the counter. The usual.
Bored of the Rings, “Indigestion at the Sign of the Goode Eats”​

BTW, Peoples of Middle-earth has Tolkien’s notes for the Appendices, including extra names of Princes of Dol Amroth, years for births and deaths of Stewards of Gondor, extra names and years of births and deaths of Lords of Andúnië; and lots of extra, interesting detail on “The parentage of Gil-galad”, the meanings of the father-names of the sons of Fëanor (they were all named after his father, Finwë), the story of Glorfindel, and others. It’s fun to browse.

But Fellowship of the Ring is still my favorite. After the attack on Weathertop, I could never get enough of the story.

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Apr 9, 2018
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Virginia, USA
After the attack on Weathertop, I could never get enough of the story.
It was so long ago now that my memories are fuzzy, but for me, I think that moment came in the first chapter, with the confrontation between Bilbo and Gandalf about the ring. It was at that point that I saw that this book was not another Hobbit, a "there and back again" adventure story, but something darker. A mystery presented itself, and I had to see what lay behind it.


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Aug 19, 2019
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It was so long ago now that my memories are fuzzy, ...
Pretty much the same here, 1983 the older German translation, 1985 the original.
But as I was an adult (over 25) when I did my first Middle-earth reading, by nature I obviously got the stories in reverse order (and I'm not sure if TH or the Sil came next).
So I had zero background and expectations, and only some guidance (for the first reading in German by the owner of the book) that I would have to "persevere" through some parts.
No clear memory, but Tom Bombadil may have figured in these warnings.
What I do remember somewhat is a sense of puzzlement, perhaps even confusion, which I'd guess was caused by the chapter "Shadow of the past". Quite a few names never heard before being bandied about (the Sil, described by "someone" as a "telephone directory of Elves", IIRC ;) , was still some years in the future ...).
But I did "slog" on, getting past Bombadil, and I think Bree and the appearance of Strider may have put the hook in me.
Then the original, and the rest is one of those sad stories of incurable addiction. 😁

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Dec 29, 2019
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If counted as only one book, I'd say The Lord of the Rings is my favorite. If it is counted as three books however, I'd say The Two Towers.

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