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What music are you listening to at this moment?


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Apr 1, 2018
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Under a blankie

And now again the might of Angband was moved; and as the long fingers of a groping hand the forerunners of his armies probed the ways into Beleriand. Through Anach they came, and Dimbar was taken, and all the north marches of Doriath. Down the ancient road they came that led through the long defile of Sirion, past the isle where Minas Tirith of Finrod had stood, and so through the land between Malduin and Sirion, and on through the eaves of Brethil to the Crossings of Teiglin. Thence the road went on into the Guarded Plain; but the Orcs did not go far upon it, as yet, for there dwelt now in the wild a terror that was hidden, and upon the red hill were watchful eyes of which they had not been warned. For Túrin put on again the Helm of Hador; and far and wide in Beleriand the whisper went, under wood and over stream and through the passes of the hills, saying that the Helm and Bow that had fallen in Dimbar had arisen again beyond hope. Then many who went leaderless, dispossessed but undaunted, took heart again, and came to seek the Two Captains. Dor-Cúarthol, the Land of Bow and Helm, was in that time named all the region between Teiglin and the west march of Doriath; and Túrin named himself anew, Gorthol, the Dread Helm, and his heart was high again. In Menegroth, and in the deep halls of Nargothrond, and even in the hidden realm of Gondolin, the fame of the deeds of the Two Captains was heard; and in Angband also they were known. Then Morgoth laughed, for now by the Dragon-helm was Húrin's son revealed to him again; and ere long Amon Rûdh was ringed with spies.


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Skulking near Archet
Apr 9, 2018
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Virginia, USA
I posted a couple from Norway's Angelina Jordan earlier. Today's her birthday, so here's a recent one, to celebrate a burgeoning talent:

Happy 13th, Angelina!

Here's the studio version, for comparison:

I wonder how many, if this were their first exposure, would guess her age? I'm thinking none.

I see a lot of comments about how much it sounds like a song from a Bond movie. That might be a good move -- I hear the next one's being filmed in Norway.

Weekend's here -- time to party with Dimitris Basis!

And Konstantina Christou:

I know I've posted some before, but I really have loved this music, since I was a teenager.

Besides, who can party like the Greeks? Now for some spanikopita and dolmades! And a little retsina, of course. :D

Las Locas!

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