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Whatever happened to the Elves that might've stayed in Middle-earth. A strange theory.


The Wandering Wastrel
May 13, 2016
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Mission Viejo, California
So, we don't know *how* many elves stayed in Middle-Earth, but it can be assumed that some did.

Whatever happened to the elves that eventually dwindled into "a rustic folk of dell and cave, to forget and be forgotten."? -Galadriel, The Fellowship of the Ring.


Over time, the Elves indeed dwindled into a race easy enough to be conquered, wearing only rags. Mortal men and women learned the use of magic, and these elves started to be enslaved. From flashes in these elves' dreams, they wore splendid clothes, so after much effort to give clothes, a law was eventually passed where the granting of a single article of clothing can buy their freedom.

Eventually, a young witch learned of the past glories and tragedies of Ancient Elves, and strives to win their freedom.

This young witch's name?

Hermione Granger.


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