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"who young when Laurelin yet bloomed"


Jan 5, 2002
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New Mexico, USA
I was reading the "Lay of Leithian Recommenced" the other night, and found this passage that confused me.
No other player has there been,
no other lips or fingers seen
so skilled, 'tis said in elven-lore,
save Maelor [Maglor] son of Feanor,
forgotten harper, singer doomed,
who young when Laurelin yet bloomed
to endless lamentation passed
and in the tombless sea was cast.
does this line mean 1) that Maglor died while Laurelin bloomed? Or 2) that he sang when Laurelin bloomed, and then later died? I took it to mean 1, and was very confused. Feanor and his sons did not leave Aman until after Morgoth destroyed the Two Trees. Is this just an accidental inconsistency or am I reading it wrong?

EDIT: never mind, I just re-read the line for the millionth time and figured out it probably means "Maglor, who was young when Laurelin yet bloomed, to endless lamentation passed. . .":rolleyes:

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