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Who's Older?


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Dec 20, 2001
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Near New Haven
This question has been bothering me for years.
Who's older, Tom Bombadil or Treebeard?

Bombadil tells Frodo that he 'was here first, before the rivers & trees, he saw the first raindrops, even the darkness before the Dark Lord came from outside.'

Yet, in The Two Towers, Gandalf tells Aragorn, Legolas, & Gimli that when they see Treebeard, they will be seeing the oldest living creature still on the earth (paraphrase, my daughter left that book at school today).

So, what's the deal?
It seems obviously Bombadil is older. But, as Frodo said "Who are you Master?"
Just what or who is Tom Bombadil?

Enlighten me.

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