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Why is Boxed DVD EE Set more valuable than Boxed BD EE Set? (Or should I keep my DVD


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Dec 28, 2001
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I recently received a Bluray Disk (BD) Extended Ed. (EE) set of the LOTR movies. I already had the boxed set of EE DVDs from years ago. So I figured I'd get rid of those and 'upgrade' to the new BD set I was given.

Well I noticed on a popular retailer's site that the used prices on the boxed EE DVD set was shockingly higher than I ever would have guessed and considerably higher than the BD set I had just received.

This gave me pause before disposing of my old DVD EE set - why is it worth so much more? Is there a good reason I should keep it instead the newer BD set? Just seems like I'm missing something here...


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