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Relaxing after out Rangering the webz. Sitting in the corner by the hearth of the fireplace at The Forsaken Inn enjoying a Bree Proper Bitter Ale.
A Neo-Westron word for Wednesday: *ruttu "mountain" (n) (= Adûnaic urud-; cp. W ruccu = Ad. urug-)
A Neo-Sindarin word for Sunday: *baladhren "Vala-like, Valarin" (adj) (< Balan + -ren)
A Neo-Telerin word for Thursday: *inincula "a re-guessable thing, a riddle" (< INIK)
Neo-Sindarin words for Sunday: *pengron "archer" (male), *pengril "archer" (female)
I don't blame you, for being you, but you can't blame me for hating it
do u already know me?i used to say sinclaire when i was small.well you cannot be considered.you aready hate me without experiencing me personally.