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Templates for pages

When you create a page, think what type of page of page it is, and pick the corresponding template as a starter.

When you write things in a page, you don't have to worry about manually linking content, as the Wiki will autolink between content.
Exception: When adding content to the various InfoBox-templates, you will have to wrap the things you want to link as following:
| race=[wiki]Elves[/wiki]

Character pages

Us the CharacterInfobox and fill out as much info as applicable

Race pages

For races start with the RaceInfoBox template to get the nice sidebar infobox.

Places pages

Use the PlaceInfoBox as a starter template for the sidebar.

Weapons pages

For weapons we don't have a infobox template yet, but will also come soon :)

Other types of pages

If something is missing, you can create the template yourself as "TypeNameInfoBox" or ask mazzly to add it.

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