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Legolas is a fictional character created by J.R.R Tolkien in his book, legendarium. This character played an important role in the trilogy movie of The Lord of The Rings and is also a part of the nine members that constitute the Fellowship of The Ring. His father was the famous ruler and king of Mirkwood which is otherwise known as Greenwood the Great. Legolas was an heir to the Woodland Realm of Mirkwood and was crowned prince. He was an Elf. And hence became was the ambassador of the entire race of Elves in the Fellowship. Legolas had forged a friendship with his forever enemy- the dwarves.

He befriended Gimli who was a representative of the Dwarves in the Fellowship of the Ring. This friendship, therefore, had marked the end of the long-standing and ancient enmity between the Elves and the Dwarves. However, the know-how of Legolas’s age is not known[1] and not much of his early works are recorded but his contribution to the War of the Ring is what made him famous. Legolas was a famous Sindarin Elf and his skills with the bow were remarkable and much appreciated. He hence was an invaluable part of the Fellowship of the Ring.


Not much is known about Legolas or his life and achievements or tragedies during the Third Age. When the War of The Ring started, Aragorn took Gollum as his captive and the Elves of Mirkwood agreed to keep him as a captive there but Gollum somehow managed to escape. Legolas was assigned the duty to bring forth this bad news to Rivendell.

Legolas had participated actively in the Council of Elrond and he was the one who had bought the truth to the table that it was the lack of vigilance and over-kindness by the Elves which is the reason that Gollum was able to escape captivity without much trouble. He then also joined the journey to destroy the One Ring

Legolas throughout his life had lived and grown amongst the Silvan Elves but he never really found his space there and he did not identify himself as a Silavan Elf. His father and his brother along with him are known as Grey Elves because his father (Thranduil) originally hailed from Lindon. The identity of his mother is unknown.
Legolas - LOTR

He was determined to join the Fellowship of The Ring only after he participated in the council of Elrond. After which he became the bearer of the bad news about Gollum and departed for Rivendell. The coming of an untimely snowstorm had hindered the process of crossing the Caradharas Mountain, Legolas did try to go ahead but could not get through because of the snow was so thick. When this path failed, Gandalf decided that they would travel through Moria. Legolas was boldly heroic when he tried to fight off an attack by the wolves on them in Hollin. He even had defeated the orcs that crossed their path in Moria. Soon after Legolas assumed the role of the leader of the Fellowship of the Ring to Lothlórien when Gandalf was nowhere to be found and he got lost. He even spoke on behalf of the entire council.

The ancient enmity that existed between the Dwarves and Elves[2] led to Gimli and Legolas often finding themselves in conflicting situations but soon this enmity turned into a strong bond of friendship. When the fellowship departed from Lothlórien, the members of the Fellowship of the Ring was bestowed with an individual gift by Galadriel. Legolas received a bow as a present. He would then go ahead and kill a beast in one shot using the bow.

When Boromir was murdered and Meriadoc and Peregin were held captive in the Two Towers, Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli were set on a journey to find two hobbits in Rohan. Soon after, Gandalf appears in the Forest of Fangorn, resurrected and came as a messenger from Galadriel with a special message for Legolas.[3] Legolas along with Aragorn and Gimli went on to meet Rohirrim and also they fought quite bravely in the Battle of Horndog. In Isengard, they saw the defeat of Sauron but at the same time, Gandalf also had lost his life.

Personality, Powers & Abilities

Tolkien formerly had described Legolas as a strange Elf who was clothed in green and brown. Legolas is an Elf who is shown in the Fellowship of the Ring as a master of the bow and arrow. He carries bow and arrow and had a white long knife hanging by his side. He was the only one who was optimistic about crossing Caradhras and he was the source of motivation for the other members of the fellowship. He was unbothered by the snow and the strong cold winds. He did not even wear proper shoes to walk in the snow but he wore light shoes.

Whenever he walked on the snow, it did not leave any footprints behind. Hence, he was the one who led the fellowship across the mountains. Legolas is never tired. He can run constantly and he hardly sleeps. He has a keen sense of eyesight and smell; he can see and hear things that are at a great distance. He is portrayed as a slender, agile, fair-skinned and tall Elf. His skills with the bow and the arrow were unmatched for. With these skills, he made an excellent and dangerous warrior.

The color of Legolas’s hair is not mentioned anywhere but most movie adaptations have portrayed Legolas as having golden hair. Legolas’s details about age and birth date are missing; they have never been mentioned. Armed with bow and arrow and the long knife, he prefers to kill his enemies from a distance. The bow was a gift from Galadriel which was far better than what he had used before. He had grown amongst the Silvan Elves but he could never fit in and he could never find his place between them. He had trouble identifying himself as a Silvan Elf. Legolas was also part or half Sindarin Elf but his mother’s identity is unknown. Like all the Elves, Legolas loved nature and animals and also had a unique way with them. He appreciated nature a lot. Since there is no mention of Legolas’s age anywhere concretely, there have been certain debates and arguments to determine and assume the age of Legolas.

Legolas was cheerful and showed a lot of optimism throughout the entire journey. He even showed such positive emotions when the fellowship of the ring had to cross the dangerous terrain of the Caradharas when there was a snowstorm. His friendship with Gimli remains to be immortal and irreplaceable. He loved Gimli immensely. And when Gimli spoke about the Glittering Caves, Legolas was deeply moved by Gimli’s words and emotions.

Legolas being an Elf possessed certain powers and abilities. He could on very silently without anyone knowing. He does not leave any imprints as he walks both on snow and grass which gives a remarkable benefit and to proceed without falling prey to traps and threats. His sense of smell and eyesight were so strong that he could see from miles away and can even see in fairly well in dark. He can sleep even if he is walking and can stay without sleep for days without feeling tired. He can even tame a wild horse by just whispering a few words to that horse. His sharp vision is what makes him a remarkable archer.

The Fellowship of The Ring

For most of the journey, Gandalf had led the way but after arriving at Hollin, Legolas was deeply moved. Being an Elf, Legolas is deemed to be very light on his feet, so when the time came to cross the Caradharas, Legolas took the lead. Legolas was always careful and protective. He made sure that the hobbits were fine when they were descending and aided them throughout the journey.

Legolas was scared and reluctant to travel through Moria. But his reverence towards destroying the One Ring was so strong that he agreed to travel on a dark path and he did not prefer personally. This shows how loyal he is. When the Fellowship of the Rings was under attack by Wargs, Legolas did try his best to save Gandalf. They reached Moria but reached West Moria the gates were closed, so Gandalf found another gate to enter Moria. Legolas accompanied the Fellowship in this pit that was so dark that nothing could be seen. He guarded the fellowship especially at night to make sure no harm or threats come to them. Legolas even had to pull away Gimli from the tomb of Balin and he was scared truly to the core only one time – when he met with the Durin’s Bane. He was the one who could recognize that it was none other than Balrog. Balrog was a source of constant fear for the Elves for a very long time.

When Gandalf had fallen, Aragorn tried to lead the members of the fellowship to Lórien. Legolas at first was quite excited that he would travel through these kindred woods but when the full glory of the Mellyrn had departed, he was quite sad. Legolas even told stories from Lothlórien to the other members of the Fellowship. He was the one to talk to the Elves in their native language when the Elves were keeping a watch on the members of the Fellowship from trees. He was then supposed to go meet Galadhrim and bring him Frodo and Sam, he was asked by Galadhrim to watch the ‘dwarf’ closely. He also had to answer on behalf of the Company. On their next path to Caras Galadhon, Gimli was asked to be blindfolded but Gimli had said that he would only wear a blindfold only if Legolas was also made to wear it. Legolas was angered by this and Aragorn had to intervene to resolve this conflict and as a result, the entire members of the Fellowship had to wear blindfolds.

In Lothlórien, with the influence and magical powers of Galadriel, he forged a good friendship with Gimli, thus breaking an ancient tradition of enmity between the Elves and the Dwarves. He was good at handling boats so when they were leaving, Legolas and Gimli were in-charge of paddling the boats. Along with the bow, Legolas was also bestowed with a cloak that was made by the Elves, a brooch and also a quiver that is almost similar to what Galadhrim used.

When the Fellowship had reached Anduin, they were under attack by orcs, Legolas used his bows to kill the orcs. He killed the fell beast and he was praised for his heroic acts by the rest of the members of the company but he received more appreciation and praise from Gimli.

The Three Hunters

When the Fellowship of the Ring fragmented and finally broke, Gimli and Legolas had been victorious in slaughtering many orcs. For most of the journey, Legolas only served as a mere commentator and he left most of the duties and responsibilities of making decisions to Aragorn. After the rude comments on Galadriel which was made by Éomer, Legolas developed a certain distaste for him. But after they had borrowed horses, they did part their ways in tranquillity.

Legolas was furious and he shot many orcs and kept on shooting at them until his arrows ran out. And when the fellowship of the ring started breaking, Legolas was sad and he sang songs of grief with Aragorn when he came to know that Boromir was killed. Then after, Legolas aided Aragorn and helped him to find the Uruk-hai. Legolas knew at that time that a great battle lied in front of them. Éomer was the one who was leading the Riders of Rohan. Legolas as a dutiful and faithful friend stood by the side of Gimli when they faced Marchwarden. Legolas went so far as to say to Marchwarden that if he harmed Gimli in any way, he will kill him. Arod was a very highly spirited horse and Legolas rode him. Legolas being Elf had benefits such as easing the animals and understanding them. Arod was hence quite docile to Legolas. Legolas and Gimli then went to scan through the Fangorn Forest in search of Merry.

When they were in Fangorn Forest Legolas felt as if the trees were coming to life. This made him feel young just by sitting beside those trees. When Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli saw the old man, Gimli thought that it was Saruman in the disguise of an old man and he was willing to kill him, however, Legolas felt as if he had moral obligations and he could not shoot at the old man. But when he was almost about to shoot at the old man, he noticed that the robes that the old man had worn beneath were white, he was quick to recognize that the old man was indeed no other than Gandalf.

Battle of Moranon

Legolas along with his friends marched and joined the Battle of Morannon to fight. He had then seen the fall and defeat of Sauron and in that course, he also saw the death of Gandalf. He saw the falling of the Dark Tower. He even showed his loyalty and camaraderie by attending the ceremony of the Field of Comallen which was done to honor Samwise and Frodo for the victory they had achieved. But on that particular night, Legolas was restless and he could not go to bed. Instead, he went to take a stroll in the woods and sang songs of the Sea. Aragorn had insisted that Legolas should remain in Minas Tirith for some time. After the Fellowship had broken and they had departed, Legolas had accompanied Gimli to a journey to Aglarond and soon after he had returned to the Fangorn Forest with Gimli.

After The War For The One Ring

After the One Ring was destroyed and Sauron was defeated and killed, Legolas had stayed back for the coronation of Aragorn II Elessar and then to attend his marriage to Arwen. But soon after he had joined hands with Gimli and they together traveled to the Helm’s Deep. After they reached Helm’s Deep, they then visited the Glittering Caves. Gimli was taken aback by the magnificence of the caves and he was mesmerized at the sight of it.

They then went on together and traveled to Fangorn Forest. Legolas returned to Ithilien along with some of his men and he wanted to live out whatever time he had in the Middle Earth to help restore and rebuild the woodlands that had been destroyed and torn apart during the war. He also had built a ship and set sail to see Sea, thus, leaving the Middle-Earth after the death of Aragorn. He even made history when he had invited Gimli to the Undying Lands, making Gimli that first Dwarf to have ever visited and set-foot on that place.


The character of Legolas has been portrayed throughout the entire trilogy of The Lord of The Rings. The movie adaptations that were done by Peter Jackson; the character of Legolas remained the same as it was portrayed in the book by Tolkien. But the friendship bond that was shared between Gimli and Legolas was to an extent exaggerated. In the 2003 extended version of the Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King; Legolas is shown as an Elf who could drink a lot of liquor and had the capacity to hold it very well. The role of Legolas was played by Orlando Bloom in the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings (movie).

The character made its first appearance in the 1955 radio series of The Lord of the Ring with Frank Duncan providing the voice for Legolas. Then in 1978, Anthony Daniels lent his voice to the character of Legolas in the movie The Lord of the Rings. John Vickery in 1979 dubbed for the character of Legolas in the radio series of The Lord of the Rings. In 1980, in the movie The Return of the King, the characters of the Gimli and Legolas were omitted. For the radio series of 1981 of The Lord of the Rings, David Collings lent his voice to the character of Legolas.

In 2002, a video game was launched on The Lord of the Rings-The Fellowship of the Ring. And then from 2001-2003, The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy came out featuring Orlando Bloom as the person playing the character of Legolas. Consecutively, a non-playable character of Legolas was launched in the video game The Lord of the Rings-The Fellowship of the Ring in the year 2002 but in 2002 another video game of The Lord of The Rings- The Two Towers made Legolas’s character of one of the three essential playable characters and same was for the video game The Lord of the Ring- the Return of the King in 2003. In 2004, in the War of the Ring, Grant George had lent his voice to the character.

Soon after in The Hobbit (movie) trilogy, the character of Legolas is once again shown. In the movie of The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug, Orlando Bloom once again plays the character on-screen for Legolas.[4] The character of Legolas also plays an important role in Ralph Bakshi’s animated version of The Lord of the Rings and Anthony Daniels dubbed the voice for Legolas. And many video games had launched on The Lord of the Rings which tries to portray the important character of Legolas. Hence, the character of Legolas made important appearances in the books – The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and in The Return of the King and the character of Legolas also made its appearance in movies like The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of The King, The Desolation of Smaug and in The Battle of Five Armies.


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